Mursi Tribe
Mursi Tribe

A postcard from Ethiopia is an amazing present. Can it be more surprising and unexpected treat than a postcard from Africa? It is a great and unusual way of expressing good wishes, sending love or greetings.

A postcard from Ethiopia will be sent to every person who donates at least 30 euros/USD to the account number:

Nest Bank SA,

ul. Wołoska 24

02-675 Warszawa, Poland


EURO: PL 55 1870 1045 2078 1067 7050 0002
USD: PL 71 1870 1045 2078 1067 7050 0005


It takes at least a month to get the card so if you need a particular term inform us a few week in advance.

Pleas send a bank transfer confirmation, the address and texts on the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..