Uczniowe szkoły w Bilbali podczas rozdzielania darów

Students transformed by your Love…

In June this year 2022, our second delivery of grain was donated into the hands of the people of the Lalibela area. Thanks to you and other caring friends like you who sacrifice and answer God’s call to love your neighbours, families in Lalibela have received the opportunity to give their children a healthy and sustainable future.

We were able to transfer the funds avoiding transfer costs and radically reducing distribution costs. After consultation with the Ethiopians, we decided that this time the best channel for the transfer of food aid would be through schools; the grain was distributed to the poorest, in practice all schoolchildren.

From our last fundraising campaign, we have received USD1,000 from our donors and that has arrived in Ethiopia as 51,720 ETB. Which by the time the exchange rate was (1 USD = 51.72 ETB). Our Ethiopian friend Mr. Habtamu transferred 52,000 ETB to Lalibela. The rest logistic was taken care of by our supportive colleague Mr. Alebachew. In Lalibela, 1 kg of wheat cost 41 birr (this is approx. 0,8 $). The money was enough to buy grain for 72 students – each received 17 kg of grain. 17 kg x 72 students x 41 per kg = 50,184 birr. The remaining amount – 1,816 birr was used to fund transport and loading.

The Need Continues…
The need to transform families living in extreme poverty is ongoing. Please give big-heartedly from your means today, and as this children’s will thank you for making it possible to help vulnerable families build a healthy future for generations to come.

The Abyssinia Foundation, together with the people of Lalibela and surrounding areas in Ethiopia expresses its immense gratitude to all donors for the funds donated to purchase the grain.

We encourage you to donate, every penny counts!