Abisynia Foundation

The Abisynia Foundation public charity dedicated to improve the lives of local people in Ethiopia and help their communities.It was created out of the kindness of heart and practical necessity.

I have accompanied Polish tourists during journey to Ethiopia for years. There are both private people and groups piloted by a travel agency. Ethiopia offers inimitable tourist attractions and everyone returns home fascinated (a highly recommended local travel agency, for further information see TimelessEthiopia.com). Ethiopia is not only a country with beautiful buildings, marvellous nature, interesting people but it is also one of the poorest countries in the world. Conditions in which Ethiopian people live are often extreme. Among tourists there are many sensitive and generous ones. They realize that there is a lack of basic school and hospital equipment. Tourists meet ill children, abject poverty and they see that instinctive donations during trips bring a lot of damage. They ask directly how to help. That is why the Abisynia Foundation has been formed.

We do not claim that we are able to help millions of people but even the smallest support is our triumph and joy.

Some of you want to help people others are worked up about the fate of animals. We want to give everyone a chance to pursue their goals. That is why we promote humanitarian treatment of pets in Ethiopia. We realize, that similarly to Poland, it takes years to implement our plan but constant dropping wears away a stone